Here are the operators available to create a Topic on LinkedIn.

The CTRL+F command and Command+F on a Macbook allows you to easily find your operator in the table.

You can download this page in PDF.

Keywords should be added in the Keywords's bloc, Users, in the user's bloc and company pages in the companies' bloc.

List of operators for the rules block



To associate words, corresponds to the logical "AND".

bank scandal To search posts that contain these two keywords, regardless of their position in the post.


Captures all posts containing the hashtag.

#car Captures all publications with the hashtag #car in it. Does NOT pick up posts with the keyword "car", without #.

No need to add capital letter, plurals and accent variations, Visibrain will automatically take in all words carrying the same character sequence.

Boolean operators (OR, -, parenthesis, quotes, @ ...) will not be taken into account on this monitoring module. We recommend building your monitoring request as large as possible and using our filtering system once the data's collected.

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