The Articles section (avaible only on Twitter and Facebook) allows you to access to published articles and shared within your Topic, on the defined period of time.

Different sorting options

You can choose different ways of sorting the Articles section (these sorting options depend on the social media):

Sort by:


On Twitter, articles are sorted by default according to the number of generated shares. It allows you to quickly get the most viral article of your Topic on this social media, on the defined period of time.


You can also sort the articles by impressions. It allows you to sort the articles according to the number of potential views.


You can also sort the articles by date from newest to oldest (or the opposite) to identify the 1st article shared on your Topic.


Articles Only

On Twitter, you have access to press and blog articles by default.

You can click on "All links" which includes press and blogs articles but also every links shared on Twitter: petitions, websites, various documents,...

Choose article(s)

โ€‹You can choose an article on the go, by clicking on the target (on the top right of the chosen article), in order to learn more about this article.

By filtering on this article, every datas within the sections on the left (Volume, Tweets, Users, Analytics and Demographics) are updated and only state elements linked to the chosen article.

For instance, by clicking on the Tweets section, you can see the ranked tweets, sharing the chosen article:

By clicking on the Users section, you can see every Twitter accounts who shared the chosen article:

You can also filter on several articles at the same time, by pressing the ALT key (PC) or the OPTION key (Mac) on your keyboard, it will enable you to select several items all at once:

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