The post review provides access to the posts published and shared within the topic over the analysed period.

Ranking options

Access different ranking options, these options will adapt following the Monitoring Module used:

By engagement

By default the posts are ranked according to the number of shares/likes generated by each post. This enables you to quickly know which is the "TOP" post on your topic over the analysed period.

By impressions

Another ranking option is sort by Impressions which enables you to sort posts by the number of potential impressions of each post.

The impression figure on Visibrain is defined as the number of potential impressions, and is calculated by adding up the number of followers of each account that shared a post.

On the Twitter Monitoring Module: we take into consideration the number of followers of each person who tweeted and/or retweeted a post.

On Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube Monitoring Modules: we take into consideration the number of followers of each account that published a post.

By date By ranking by date of publication (from the most recent to the oldest or vice versa) you will be able to access a chronological view of the conversation.

On the Twitter Monitoring Module, this ranking enables to see all tweets & retweets ranked by date: This enables you to identify the first account and post and the first "retweeters" of an information :the first account to have shared the information and to understand which accounts have picked up a piece of information or have helped to make it viral.

Post selection

Click on the target at the top righthand corner of the post that you want to focus on in order to learn more about the post in question:

By filtering on the post, all the data in the sections on the left (Volume, Posts, Users/Pages, Analytics ...) are up to date and only show the elements related to the selected post.

You can also filter on several posts (or other items) at the same time by pressing ALT (PC) or OPTION (Mac) key on your keyboard. It activates the multi-selector. Then, you will be able to navigate in your topic in order to select multiple items.

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