Digest Reports are email distributions which can be customized to send you the latest media results from your monitoring.

You can create as many Reports as you wish.

1. Create a Report

By clicking on the "save" option on the Explore feature of your monitoring Topic, you can directly access the report creation feature. When you click on the "save" button, multiple options will appear: - Create Alert - Create Report

You can also access this feature by clicking on Reports on the top of your platform.

Different steps

The first step: Add a title to your report

We recommend you choose clear and transparent titles for your reports (Daily Brand Monitoring, Influencer Detection for example).

Secondly: Choose the list of recipients. You can add as many as you wish, this list can contain contacts who do not have access to Visibrain if you wish. Choose a delivery option, Visibrain offers 4 options: - Email - Slack - Telegram - SMS (optional feature on request)

If you're interested in other reception types, get in touch with your Account Manager.

Finally, choose the frequency of deliveries, Visibain offers multiple options: - Every hour - Every day at a specific hour - Specific days of the week (multiple days selectable) - Specific days of the month (multiple days selectable)

Digest Setup


By clicking on "Create Report" on the Explore tab, a pre-designed report will appear based on the Topic / Subtopic you selected. This pre-selection is of composed of different sections: - Volume - Top Posts (ranked by media results) - Top Influencers (ranked by influence)


By clicking on "Add Section", customize the sections you want to add to your digest.

Choose a Topic/Subtopic you want to base your section on.

Choose from different parameters/values for each Monitoring Module with the option of ascending or descending order of results to quickly view the most impactful content first.

Volume Timeline: Tweets Timeline: Impressions Tweets Users Articles Links Hashtags Mentions Expressions Websites (Subdomains) Websites (Top Level Domains) Languages Emojis Genders Occupations Interests Countries Regions Cities


By clicking on "Action" in the top left hand corner, you can add the Visibrain Digest Template of your choice on any given Topic / Subtopic.


Once you've set up your parameters and values, name your sections.

We recommend you give clear and transparent titles to your sections (Press Review, Post Review ...)


The snooze option enables you to customise the days and hours at which you wish to receive your digest. The option is turned off by default.

We recommend using this option to pause the Digest outside of work hours for example or when you are not available.


2. Reports Tab

This tab enables you to access all Reports (active and inactive) created on your account. When the "State" is turned off the Report is inactive.

If you turn a Report off, it will be turned off for all receivers of that report.


Different preview options are available in your Report Tab, click on the "Action" button


The "send by mail" option enables you to send out your Digest on a defined time span, by default all pre-defined contacts will be listed, you can add other email adresses if needed.


The "Download PDF" option enables you to export a PDF version of your Digest on a defined time span.


The "View Web Version" enables you to preview your Digest on a defined time span.

Finally the DELETE option enables you to delete your Report

These Preview options enable you to check:

  • Your setup

  • The Data you are sending is right

  • Send out a Digest Preview to the recipients

  • Send data easily

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