๐Ÿ‘œBrand monitoring

Visibrain gives you the opportunity to get and analyse the digital datas about your brand and your competitor's ones.

๐Ÿ”ก Topic creation

In order to monitor your brand online reputation, we suggest you to include the following elements in your Topic:

  • Variant spellings of the brand

  • Mentions within web contents (articles, videos, etc.)

  • Multiple Twitter accounts associated to the brand

  • Product's names

  • Hashtags associated to the brand

Example of a Twitter Topic to monitor the e-reputation of McDonald's:

Different variant spellings

First, you need to list the different variant spellings of the brand name, separated by the operator OR. It is important to think about every forms of writing the brand you want to monitor, to get the most exhaustive Topic: spelling mistakes, diminutives, alternative names, acronyms, etc.

Mentions within website contents

You also have to add the operators url_title: and url_description: on all keywords linked to the brand to find it within titles and standfirsts of articles and web contents (websites, blogs, etc.).

The Operators url_title: et url_description: are not availble for past data

If you want to get some past datas for your brand monitoring, you have to create your Topic without the operators url_title: et url_description: and add it then.

Twitter accounts

We also reccommend to include the activity of Twitter account(s) of the brand.

To do that, you need to copy and paste the name of the brand Twitter account (you will find it after the @ on Twitter.com) and associate it to the different operators โฌ‡๏ธ :

Operator Utilisation


Captures original tweets of the brand account


Captures retweets associated to the tweets of the brand account. Without this operator, the tweets cannot be sorted by number of generated retweets.


Captures the tweets quoting a post from the brand Twitter acccount.


Captures the mentions of the brand Twitter account.


Captures the replies adressed to the brand Twitter account

You can choose to monitor the whole activity of the Twitter account (original tweets, replies to tweets, mentions of the account, quotes of the account) or only the original tweets with the operator from:.

The operators from:, retweets_of:, to: and url: have to be used without the @ from the account. If you put the @ with these operators, you rule will not work.

Do not forget the operator from:

The operators retweets_of:, @ or to: used by themselves won't capture the tweets published by the brand account, which can lead to odd platform behaviours within your Topic.

We highly recommend you to always use these operators with from:, for example: from:user retweets_of:user

Product's names

We recommend you to add the names of the brand's products to capture every posts quoting it. The monitoring will be as exhaustive as possible.

Hashtags associated to the brand

Finally, we recommend you to add every hashtags associated to the brand. They can be created by the brand itself (#ImLovingIt) or can be created by another person (for example, a hashtag like #BoycottMcDonalds). This kind of hashtags should be systematically added to the Topic to avoid missing any post using it.

๐Ÿ”Ž Data analysis

a. Focus on your own posts ("Owned")

First, we advise you to focus on your own posts (the "Owned"), to identify the most viral ones, by using the filter from: and the default sorting by number of retweets, see below:

b. Focus on posts about its own brand, published by others ("Earned")

Then, we advise you to focus on posts about your brand but published by other accounts than yours. You just have to exclude the activity of your own account, with the filtrer -from:. You will isolate every posts about your brand (the "Earned") et quickly identify the most viral ones:

c. Monitor a sensitive topic

If you want to monitor an ongoing or future sensitive topic associated to your brand, you can focus on this subject using the filters.

For example, you identified crisis-generating factors (TV show, incriminating article against the brand, sensitive(s) post(s) on social medias, etc.), we advise you to focus on this subject and to create a subtopic to easily monitor the datas:

You can also use filters to focus on verified Twitter accounts or which have more than a specific number of followers to only get the tweets of influencers:

You can also monitor a sensitive topic, linked to your brand thanks to a Smartboard. The creation of a Smarboard will allow you to monitor in real time the main datas about this specific sensitive topic in order to take the right decision in terms of communication:

๐Ÿ’Œ Information sharing

a. By mail, Slack or Telegram

You can set-up several kinds of alerts:

๐Ÿ”” An abnormal activity detection alert to be advised in case of breaking news about your brand becoming viral.

๐Ÿ”” An alert for every new tweet of a verified Twitter account or from a specific community (journalist, politic, influencer, etc.) discussing about your brand.

๐Ÿ”” An alert for every new tweet on a sensitive topic about your brand but not viral yet.

๐Ÿ“ฐ A scheduled report of the most retweeted posts and articles about your brand.

b. In a smartboard

The Smartboard allows you to internally share the key indicators, with an analysis of the topic or a (weekly or monthly) reporting of your brand, thanks to an export of this Smartboard in PDF OR PNG format:

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