Alerts are real-time notifications to advise you about weak signals.

The โ€œAlertsโ€ section enables you to create real time Alerts so as to detect weak signals on Topics you are monitoring.

You can create as many Alerts as you want, you have unlimited number of Alerts with Visibrain.

Create an Alert

You have several options to create an Alert.

1 - You can start creating an Alert through the Explore Section of the platform, by clicking on the โ€œfloppy diskโ€ icon of your interface, then you can click on โ€œcreate an alertโ€.

Alerts are real time notifications whereas Reports are recurrent digests of your monitored Topics (more information about Reports by clicking here).

2 - By clicking on the ALERTS tab of your platform, you can see all your alerts (active or inactive ones). You can also create a new one on this page.

1 - Provide a title

We advise you to give a very clear title (e.g. Brand monitoring โ€“ Influencer detection) so the recipients of the Alert can understand the purpose of this Alert.

2 - Choose the recipients

You can add as many recipients as you want, including people who doesnโ€™t have any access to Visibrain.

3 - Choose your trigger mode

You have the choice between 4 trigger modes to receive your Alerts:

If you want to use another trigger mode, please make a request to your Account Manager.

4 - Choose your Alert type

First of all, you have to choose a Topic or a Subtopic on which you need to set an Alert on.

You can choose between different Alert types:

Abnormal Activity

You receive a notification as soon as the global volume of your Topic significantly increases. This Alert can be configured with a smart or a custom option.

Every Post

You receive a notification as soon as a new post has been published (including a new retweet). It is important to set this Alert up on a Topic with a very low volume to avoid being spammed. We advise you to use filters to focus on specific criteria. For example, you can focus on a specific account or keyword, or on specific communities (journalists, politics, influencers, etc.) to configure this Alert.

Every Article

You receive a notification as soon as a new article is shared on the selected social media.

You receive a notification as soon as a hashtag, a tweet or an article is going viral on your Topic. You have to choose the trigger threshold of the Alert according to your Topic.

Snooze option

The snooze option enables you to customise the days and hours at which you don't wish to receive an Alert. The option is turned off by default.

We recommend you to use this option to pause an Alert outside of working hours for example or when you are not available.

5 - Save an Alert

The ALERTS tab

This tab enables you to access all Alerts (active and inactive) created on your account. When the "State" is turned off (in grey) the Alert is inactive.

If you turn an Alert off, it will be turned off for every recipients of the Alert.

Modify an Alert already created

You can easily modify an Alert already created by directly clicking on the Alert or by clicking on "Action".

Focus on an e-mail address to find an Alert

You can easily find one or several Alerts with a specific recipient, by entering an e-mail address within the Search engine.

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