Create Subtopics

Subtopics allow you to save a specific Topic + filter combination for easy access: on the homepage, when creating a report, setting up an alert, or within a Smartboard.

Thanks to Subtopics, you can create an initial large Topic, and then refine it further. You can even create multiple levels of Subtopic to organize your monitoring however you wish.

Create a Subtopic

Once satisfied with your applied filter, click on the "floppy disk" icon and "Save as new Subtopic" to create a new Subtopic.

Name your Subtopic and validate :

Modify a Subtopic

To modify a Subtopic, click on Edit on your Homepage or on your Explore Page :

Overwrite a Subtopic

To overwrite a Subtopic click on Reveal Subtopic Filter :

Once you're satisfied with your updated filter, you can choose to save it as a new Subtopic or overwrite a pre-existing one :

Add to a pre-existing Subtopic

You can add new filtering options to a pre-existing and applied filter, this is particularly useful when adding exclusions to your Subtopic.

Use the "Add to current Subtopic" option.

Delete a Subtopic

Click on Delete on your Homepage or on your Explore page :

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