Smartboard features

Change the period of analysis

The first thing to do when arriving on a smartboard is to check the period of analysis, the platform gives you the last 24 hours by default, but you can choose the periodby clicking on the Last 24h button at the top right of the platform.

Enable full screen mode

For social rooms or in case of crisis, the full screen can be very useful, you can activate it by clicking on the following button.

Smartboards are also adaptive to mobile phone and tablets.

Enable auto-refresh mode.

For optimal reading comfort, the smartboard will be updated as soon as you refresh the page. But you can enable this mode automatically refresh the page every 30 seconds if you need to see the data in real time.

Download a smartboard.

You can download your smartboard in PNG or PDF with the button below.

Smartboards can be viewed by anyone with access to your account.

It is possible, on request, to create a smartboard access only.

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