Visibrain provides you a real-time alerting system. You can receive notifications by e-mail, Slack, Telegram or SMS. You can set up an alert based on a specific criterion (e.g. the volume of a topic that suddenly increases, a verified account with a large audience posting about your brand...).

Alerts are unlimited, and you can put as many recipients as you want in each alert.

Do not confund alerts and reports in which you can receive regularly (every day, every week...) a summary of the data of your monitoring topics.

It is possible to monitor a topic without necessarily setting an alert on it; and on the other hand it is possible to set several alerts on the same topic (for example to alert different people according to different volume thresholds).


A favourite is a Topic or a Sub-topic that you often use and that you have "pinned" to the top of the list of Topics using the star icon. You can select several Topics or Sub-topics as Favourite.


The number of impressions is the number of potential impressions there are on a topic (or post). It is the sum of the followers of the accounts that posted on the topic (or shared a post), and it gives an idea of the impact of the post in addition to the engagement metrics. This is not the number of actual impressions: only the owner of a social network account has access to the number of actual impressions. On average, we see that the number of actual impressions corresponds to 10% of the potential impressions, but this figure can vary greatly depending on the topic, the social networks and the accounts that posted.


A panel is a topic tracking the entire activity of a list of accounts/pages/channels, without including directly monitored keywords. Creating a panel can have several interests:

  • Monitoring trends within a community without using keywords

  • Monitoring an industry by keywords among selected experts (by filtering the panel) rather than having all the irrelevant results from the full public feed

  • Having an overview of the different "owned" social network accounts (for example: all the Facebook retailer pages of a company)

  • Having an overview of the social network accounts of a same industry (its brand + all its competitors)

Reports (formerly "Digest")

A report is a recurring e-mail (or Slack, Telegram, SMS) of a summary of the data of your choice on one or more monitoring topics. Reports are unlimited, and you can put as many recipients as you want in each report.

Do no confund reports with real-time alerts.


A Sub-Topic is a topic that has been filtered and saved.


A timeline is a graph representig the volume of a topic over time. You can see the number of posts per hour but also the number of impression or other engagement metrics (not available on QuickTrends), with a precision ranging from months to minutes


The topic is your monitoring subject. A Topic is specific to a given social network (you need to create a topic for each social network you wish to monitor). A topic will retrieve all the posts corresponding to the rules of the topic (keywords, accounts...) in real time. We recommend creating topics with broad enough rules to be sure to retrieve all the content you need, then filter them to create a Sub-topic.

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