Bar chart

The bar chart is used to make comparisons between topics, sub-topics and/or social networks.

Create or edit a Bar chart section

By adding a new section called Bar Chart, the page below will appear.

This page will allow you to add the following :


Modify the section type while keeping the associated Topic(s).


Add or modify the title.

Bars - Topic

Associate one or more topic(s) or sub-topic(s) with the Bars. You can click on the Topic name to access the list of all Topics. You can also add Filters.

Bars - Target

Choose the item you need to measure (number of posts, impressions, likes etc).

Bars - Color

Choose the color representing the selected topic.

Bars - Label

Choose the bar's label.

Add bar

Add Bars associated with other Topics or Subtopics.


Add or edit comments to the section. You can choose the background color according to the importance of the comment (information, danger...)

Custom period

Option to activate if you want to give a specific period of time to your section that differs from the Smartboard's one.

You can add up several Topics and/or Sub-topics in the same Bar by giving them the same label.

Example of bar charts

1. Comparing competitors

2. Comparing Topics

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