Create a smartboard

Click on the New Smartboard icon, and give it a title. A blank page will appear, your Smartboard is ready to be born.

There are three ways to add items to a Smartboard:

1. Add items directly from the Explore part

By clicking on the action button (the three dots aligned vertically) of an element in the Explore section, you can add you item to your Smartboard.

Your item will appear at the end of your smartboard and you can move or resize it.

2. Add items with the + button

At the top right of your smartboard page, you will find the + button highlighted here in yellow, which will allow you to add blocks. A drop-down menu will appear, where you can choose the section you want to add.

Click on the following links to create the section of your choice.

Timeline Shows the evolution of a Topic activity. Useful for comparing topics, competitors, or networks.

Count Quantitative datas about your Topic.

Posts/Users/Articles Review of posts, users or articles.

Cloud The word cloud highlights what is the most discussed within your Topic .

Table The table allows you to get a more detailed view of hashtags, expressions, countries etc.

Bar chart The bar chart is used to make comparisons between topics, sub-topics and/or social networks.

Pie chart The pie chart is an automatic graph giving you a share of voice.


Used to add comments, analysis, titles etc.

Separator Used to organize your smartboard with titles.

Image Images or logos can be added to your smartboard.

3. Clone an existing smartboard.

It is possible to clone a smartboard from the page gathering all the Smartboards, by clicking on the action button (three vertically aligned dots) and then on clone. Then, you can modify the associated topics in each block to adapt it to another subject. (See section Modify a smartboard).

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